A better version of Coke, or no Coke at all? thumbnail

Since the start of this conversation, this (the title) has probably been the most interesting question for me. Is it enough for us to just have a better version of Coke, the less environmentally damaging one, or do we need to evolve to a future where Coke does not exist anymore? I am picking on Coke [...]

The Future of Marketing

What is the Future of Marketing? Marketing is on a collision course with the future. Our current marketing paradigm is inextricably linked to the driving of consumption and the creation of habits of consumption. Economic growth has been the single minded outcome upon which we have built our brands, our marketing models and our rasion d'etre. But unabated growth cannot continue. My hunch is that the future of marketing is not merely, or even, a "more consumer focused / digital / growth oriented / sustainable" (delete as appropriate) future but a complete reversal of the current paradigm.

Since when do looters try clothes on first? thumbnail

I regularly wonder if the stance I have taken on Consumerism on this site is justified and constructive.  I’m not immune to doubt.  Then something like the UK riots comes along, and I decide that I definitely am.  There is certainly a case for incremental work within the ‘creative’ industries to use our powers of [...]

From Sainsbury’s to MyFarm: talking to People not Consumers thumbnail

On 4th May this year, the National Trust launched MyFarm, a project to hand over the running of a real working farm to 10000 people through the web.  I’ve been working on it for them for 2 years, and it’s something I believe in very deeply.  I wanted to take the opportunity of Conservation Economy [...]

“Like so many others I had become a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct… I’d flip through catalogues and wonder, what kind of dining set defines me as a person?... I had it all.” So says Edward Norton’s workaholic, spend-a-holic character in Fight Club, as he leafs through mail-order catalogues searching for meaning. A classic [...]

Guest Post: You are the Quarry

This is a guest post from Peter Askew of Peter, Sarah, & Friends. The concept of epistemic duty has been well covered in these pages: how we're duty bound to take on board and act on what we find out about sustainability, and how that awareness implicates our industry. However I think some of the [...]

A new ComRes poll this past week painted a sunny picture of how advertising is perceived in the UK. The findings, claimed the press release, showed advertising is now trusted by 69% of the public. If true, this would mark a dramatic reversal of fortunes for an industry that in 2009 experienced a crisis of [...]

Where are all the artists?

Part of the problem with all this sustainability stuff is that there isn't a really good version of what a sustainable future looks like.  The majority of the visions of the future are fairly apocalyptic where things turn out worse than they are today.  This kind of vision is run through films like The Day After [...]

Why bother?

I came across this quote yesterday while reading Michael Sandel's excellent introduction to political philisophy, "Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?". It feels like the perfect response to those who wonder why half a million people bothered to turn up on Saturday. "A good will is not good because of what it effects or [...]

It’s evil to work in advertising.  Quite a statement, I’m aware.  So let me break it down a bit and build up logically.  Because I think that when you do that, you can’t help but come to this conclusion. I want to make four points.  The first three are about consumerism: Consumerism is what we’ve [...]

What is Conservation-Economy.org about?

We are a group of marketing, advertising and communications people who want to share our thinking on some fundamental questions about sustainability. We want to provoke a debate that we believe is needed in our industry. If you want to become a contributor then all you need is lots of ideas, a point of view and a willingness to post high quality content.

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