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We are a group of marketing, advertising and communications people who want to share our thinking on some fundamental questions about sustainability. We want to provoke a debate that we believe is needed in our industry. If you want to become a contributor then all you need is lots of ideas, a point of view and a willingness to post high quality content. Drop us a line if you are interested.

Justin Basini Founder Conservation-Economy.org

Justin Basini 

www.basini.com www.i-allow.com

Founder and contributor to Conservation-economy.org


I've been a marketer for the past 15 years most recently being Vice-President for Marketing for Capital One. I was the Financial Services Forum Marketer of the Year in 2008. I'm now thinking and writing on a wide range of brand, marketing and business issues and launching several new ventures in 2010. Conservation-economy.org was an idea that I came up with because I have a deep seated concern, formed over my career, that marketing and advertising have a significant culpability for many of the ills of our consumption based economy and its effects. I think we have a responsibility to change business, brand and organisations from the direct of travel we are on now to something different and hopefully better.

Email: justin@basini.com Twitter: @justinbasini 

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Michaeljon Alexander-Scott

Michaeljon Alexander-Scott

Founder and contributor to Conservation-economy.org


II'm a Planner at glue London interested in exploring the role of the private sector in the shift to a more sustainable society.  I believe the entrepreneurial and agile nature of the sector means it has a crucial and exciting role in ensuring this transition. I've developed communications strategy for clients across the private, public and political sector and currently leads the planning function at glue on Toyota and The Green Party.

Email: michaeljon.alexander-scott@gluelondon.com

Twitter: @michaeljon or    @glueplanning

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Dan Burgess Conservation-Economy.org

Dan Burgess

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


My career has spanned A&R in the music industry,web startups, insight and innovation for technology NPD and communications strategy and innovation. I believe sustainability is the biggest innovation challenge facing business today. I established the Naked Planet practice within Naked Communications to develop brand innovation in sustainability and have led the development of Nokia’s global sustainability program - the power of we: I’m studying part-time for an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility at Ashridge Business School. I’m also a husband, a dad and a gooner. I'm deeply troubled by what I see going on in the world today, but I also love life, the human spirit and the awesomeness of the natural world. This debate for me is critical. I see so many smart people, agency and client side, with vision, ideas, knowledge and talents who could contribute significantly to a shift to something much much better. I also believe many people in this industry, if they're really honest with themselves, are feeling the same thing. 


Twitter: @dansolo

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Katy Lindemann Conservation-Economy.org

Katy Lindemann

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


Katy Lindemann    http://www.katylindemann.com Founding contributor to Conservation-economy.org I'm a senior strategist and creative geek at Naked Communications. I'm especially interested in how we can use communications to encourage behaviour change for social good, and how brands can make a responsible and positive contribution to the world we live in. I've led planning on a number of different briefs for the COI, as well as working on the development of a cause marketing strategy for Vodafone, and with Dan on Nokia's sustainability communication, and. I was also one of the first ever UK bloggers, having started blogging in 2000 when it was still called weblogging (and people thought it would never take off!)

Email: katy@katylindemann.com Blog: Seemingly Unconnected

Twitter: @katylindemann

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Raj Panwani Conservation-Economy.org

Raj Panwani

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org



Before I got into this industry, travelling and experiencing other cultures made me acutely aware of the shortcomings in our society. In 1991, I visited Russia and the Ukraine on a student exchange where I acquired a nagging voice that kept telling me the way we do things in the West aren't quite right. What struck me was how the absence of 'stuff' made people focus on what was important in their lives.
I talk to friends in the industry who get no satisfaction from being a small cog in a machine that's just geared up to sell more of this stuff. I think a lot of people in the marketing and ad industries feel like this but it's just easier to get on with the day job isn't it?
What's the alternative?
When Sense Worldwide started 10 years ago I had an inkling that there was an alternative. A new way for business to engage with people; a more holistic and social way that harnessed true intentions and the good will of folk. Ten years on as the Design Director I'm fascinated by co-creation methods within innovation and the power that can be harnessed.
Before my time at Sense Worldwide I worked as a designer in London and Australia and for a while taught school kids photography, which was fun. I live in North London with my wife Clare and two kids, Ruby and Leon.


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Guy Champniss Conservation-Economy.org

Guy Champniss

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


Guy Champniss is an independent communications consultant, focused on the role communications can play in fostering more sustainable, balanced consumer lifestyles, and more sustainable, viable businesses. Guy's interests lie specifically in the role brands can play in nurturing social capital and the benefits that flow from that role. Guy's consulting businesses, Meltwater Consulting and Social Chime, advise the global communications group Havas, its clients and other organisations on these challenges and opportunities. Prior to Havas, Guy worked in broadcast media for more than ten years, in the UK and US, with projects receiving two Royal Television Society awards for contributions to original programming. Guy has an MBA from IE (Madrid), has completed post-graduate programmes in sustainability issues with the University of Cambridge (UK), Stanford Graduate School of Business (US), and is working his way towards his doctorate (slowly). 


Tom Farrand Conservation-Economy.org

Tom Farrand

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


I'm currently starting up a niche innovation agency called Pipeline in London whilst trying to balance the demands of being a good husband, dad, runner, adrenalin junkie and Saints fan. Our mission is simple: to put people, a sense of purpose and a more balanced commercial and social agenda back to the heart of what it means to do business. Stumbling into marketing 15 years ago via the R&D team at P&G, it seemed odd to be amongst more PHD scientists than Harvard, MIT and Berkeley combined. It seems even stranger now that such a big pool of talent is devoted to the pursuit of making better soap… In the past 5 years I've worked with the people running some of the world's most influential brands and it's become clear to me that a different approach is needed. Innovation is needed to enable society to prosper in the face of seemingly impossible resource restraints. Marketing has a fundamental role to play in that transition. And more people are needed to lead the charge. That's why I'm excited about this effort and can't wait to get things moving.

Email: tom.farrand@pipelineideas.com

Twitter: @tomfarrand

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Ellie Thornhill Conservation-Economy.org

Ellie Thornhill

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


From my time at IDEO (www.ideo.com) and Wolff Olins (www.wolffolins.com) I’ve learnt to successfully combine strategic and creative thinking to help solve business problems. I now enjoy the freedoms of independently consulting with large organisations, entrepreneurial start-ups, social enterprises and NGOs. I’m curious about the role that enterprise might play in building a more just, equitable and sustainable world. I believe there is huge potential in harnessing the dynamism, creativity, invention, energy and efficiency of the market, whilst radically detaching from models that rely on depleting resources or growing the imbalance of wealth. Most of my work is centred on creatively re-thinking businesses, with purposes beyond profit, structures beyond shareholders and innovations beyond image. I split my time between UK and India, am a perpetual student, a trained curator and have a long-standing love affair with wild and mountainous spaces. 

Email: ellenthornhill@gmail.com

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Jon Alexander Conservation-Economy.org

Jon Alexander

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


Like most of us, I suspect, I would say I fell into advertising.  As an intelligent graduate with pretensions to creativity, I didn’t want to be a banker or a consultant, so I became an adman.  Early on, I worked on the National Lottery, and became fascinated by the link – or not – between money and happiness.  After 3 years, I went to live in Zambia for a year, and learned that poverty comes in many more different shapes and sizes than we see on the news. I came back to advertising because I was good at it, to see if I could do something good from within it.  After a year of working at Fallon London, I began the part-time MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice at University of Bath, a course founded by Anita Roddick among others.  And now, two years on, I’m completing that course and leaving advertising to try some other angles on doing good.  My startpoint in the Conservation Economy debate is that I believe that the skills and capacities in the people in the industry are phenomenal.  But I think we’re wasting them.

Email: jonjalex@hotmail.co.uk

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John Connell Conservation-Economy.org

John Connell

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org


John spent 8 years living in Japan, during which time he worked extensively in both the music industry and in advertising as a planner at BBH, working on brands like Axe (Lynx) and Levi’s. It was at this time that he began exploring self-inquiry practices such as yoga and meditation, and increasingly found that many important questions were left unanswered- if even asked at all- by the stuff-obsessed society that we all belong to. He returned to London in 2008 and is currently a strategist at Naked Planet within Naked Communications, developing social communications and sustainable brand practice.


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Stephen King Conservation-Economy.org

Stephen King

Founding Contributor to Conservation-economy.org



Currently splitting my life between being a daytime banker and a night time social business consultant. Have spent my entire career battling the seduction of the big corporation versus the tyranny of my need to make this world a better place. As my decade of consumer finance experience is coming to a close I am getting more and more involved with social businesses and what they are doing to re-work the conditions for capitalism.

My life is filled with creativity, entrepreneurialism and loads of ideas. My desire is to focus that energy on improving the world we live in and have started on the journey over the last few years in more earnest. My passion is finding ways for our most talented to re-direct there energy into making the world a better place.

Raised in Canada, and now living in London, with degrees in both engineering and business, and a curiosity for cultures and travel.


Twitter: @stephenjking

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